Interim Results

For the six months ended 31 December 2021

ESG Reporting

Find out more about our ESG reporting and commitment to SDGs


Hyprop takes its brand into the future with the launch of the Golden Thread

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Urban spaces, modern villages

Hyprop creates safe environments and opportunities for people to connect and have meaningful
and authentic experiences.

We own and manage dominant retail centres in mixed-use precincts, in key economic nodes
within South Africa and Eastern Europe.

Our modern villages connect:
Digital and bricks and mortar | Community and individuals | New
and familiar | Experiences and connection

Investment case

“While Covid-19 has changed our operating environment, we have ensured that our strategies and key priorities remain relevant”. Morné Wilken (CEO)


We take inspiration from our context and community

to create an experience that feels authentic and grounded.

Pioneering conscious retail

We have a positive impact on the world around us
Our shopping centres are places to connect
They’re the modern town square, creating communities and setting the scene for life
We design for people planet and profit whilst keeping sustainability at our heart


Making every experience exceptional

We are about more than stores
We are more than property managers
We are leaders in building relationships, creating exceptional places and experiences that excite and inspire our community


Keeping it real

We ensure friction-free, seamless environments
We understand and serve the needs of all our people and stakeholders
We create spaces authentic to their location


Insights hub

Sustainability is strategy

5 Minute read | 8 Minute video

The shifting mood around sustainability in its broadest sense has put once powerful brands on notice and created space for new brands which have embraced a more caring, inclusive and sustainable philosophy. For Hyprop, sustainability is important in at least two spaces, the more commonly embraced environmental sustainability, and then the sustainability of retail property itself. Steven Riley (Head of development and sustainability) on Hyprop’s evolving sustainability strategy.


Back to the future

5 Minute read

Hyprop has been exploring how its centres will be increasingly relevant in the 21st century to customers who, like the ancient Greeks, want public places that bring communities together in a way that is relevant to their changing lives – and Covid-19 has increased a need to belong, to be part of a community. The big 5 PWC findings are very much part of what we found our customers want.