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Parking and foot counters are centrally monitored across the portfolio. This reduces downtime and improves efficiencies, while reporting is automated and can be customised. In terms of footfall, counters monitor the directional flow of shoppers in addition to the number of feet entering at respective entrances. Understanding directional flow assists in optimally locating tenants and improving the general flow of the mall
Increased use of social media to connect with shoppers – including smartphone apps, and high-speed wi-fi at centres
Single integrated electronic property management system with multiple benefits:
Financial data (including accounting, leasing and retail information for all properties in our portfolio) centrally stored using MDA Property Manager
Data is hosted on MDA cloud service so it can be securely accessed anywhere in the world on any device with internet access, including mobile devices
Processes and procedures can be standardised and controlled more effectively, while built-in redundancy and disaster recovery planning ensure data will not be lost and be easily accessible
External data hosting reduces the cost and maintenance of expensive computer equipment
From a management perspective, the financial performance of each property, multiple properties or entire portfolio can be easily reviewed
Tenant and lease-related data can be viewed and compared throughout the portfolio
Information technology (IT): Hyprop understands both the benefits and risks of technology in its business. To ensure IT supports our strategic goals, we invest prudently against specified criteria and manage these systems closely to ensure optimal benefit. Oversight vests with executive management and is monitored by appropriate board committees. The strength and suitability of our IT processes is reflected in the application of the criteria of King III and the IoD’s governance assessment instrument.

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The interactive graph tool allows you to compare data for various elements over the last 5 years. You are able to choose data from the "Five year financial review tables.

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