Embedding sustainability in our business


Hyprop operates today, with tomorrow in mind. We understand that the concept of sustainability is built on three pillars: economic prosperity, social equity and environmental protection. Our growth strategy aims to meet short-term goals while protecting long-term economic, environmental and social targets.

Equally, we understand that the purpose of business is to increase profitability and value. To achieve this, management consider our organisational strengths, internal and external opportunities, while assessing threats and weaknesses to ensure we control risks to promote long-term sustainability.

Sustainability model

The goals of King III and integrated reporting include transparent corporate disclosure on how value is created and how companies approach corporate citizenship.

The model below illustrates Hyprop’s strategic and operational approach to the six capitals (financial, operational, intellectual, human, social and relationship, and natural). Hyprop understands that it does not operate in isolation, nor can it ever own its entire value chain. By entrenching reporting structures that monitor our progress on corporate governance, risk, strategy and stakeholder engagement, and thus ultimately performance, Hyprop is able to focus on long-term sustainability.

In 2015, the group further entrenched its strategic sustainability priorities from an economic, social, environmental and governance perspective. By regularly engaging with key stakeholder groups Icon(read more in Stakeholder engagement), we gain valuable insight for informed decisions on sustainability, materiality and risk management.

Given that Hyprop stakeholders are central to its risk strategy, and in line with its focus on an integrated approach, financial and non-financial risks are addressed and debated as transparently as possible. Appropriate risk strategies are in place throughout the group, with executive responsibility for implementation.

Sustainability model

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