Stakeholder engagement


We continually engage with our stakeholders: employees, investors, financiers, local communities, tenants and suppliers to determine their issues and communication needs. We then respond appropriately.

Stakeholder engagement, issues and concerns

Key stakeholders in our group are shown below. For a fuller understanding, we have included ongoing material issues.

Stakeholder strategy

Consider best-practice principles when reviewing solutions
Explore how innovation and technology can support competitiveness
Ensure the safety and security of shoppers/tenants/employees within the scope of shopping centre management and their respective service providers
Engage with stakeholders to enhance the risk management process
Engage with local communities to enhance corporate social investment
Enhance the execution of corporate social investment
BBBEE/employment equity: to achieve steady improvement
Ensure a succession plan for senior management is in place
Undertake social due diligence/impact assessments to determine potential social impact


Tenants: Ongoing material issues:
Tenant mix improvement,
initiatives to enhance the shopping experience and attract shoppers,
changes in consumer spending,
increased competition,
rental escalation,
rising operating and municipal costs,
tenant location in mall,
mall cleanliness,
mall security,
mall maintenance,
tenant/landlord communication, and
supply of electricity.
Employees Ongoing material issues:
Career development and training,
equity participation, and
Shoppers: Ongoing material issues:
Access to shopping centre,
mall cleanliness,
mall maintenance,
the role of security, and
retail and entertainment offering.
Investors and financiers: Ongoing material issues:
economic growth,
consumer spend with tenants,
interest rates on cost of funding,
competition from new developments close to our shopping centres,
exposure to the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, and
changes in exchange rates.
Investors: Ongoing material issues:
Distribution growth,
strategy execution,
portfolio growth,
capital appreciation,
accessibility of leadership,
timely information on key developments,
exposure to sub-Saharan Africa,
succession, and
corporate governance.
Financiers: Ongoing material issues:
Solvency and liquidity,
timeous servicing of debt (DCM),
portfolio value, and
credit rating.
Suppliers: Ongoing material issues:
Timely payment,
fair business practices, and
lack of skills affecting their ability to deliver service.
Government, regulators: Ongoing material issues:
Employment equity,
environmental impact,
adherence to JSE Listings Requirements, and
company legislation
Local communities: Ongoing material issues:
Socio-economic development,
environmental impact, and
responsible corporate citizenship.
Industry associations: Ongoing material issues:
Introduction of new legislation,
global and local industry trends, and
sector-specific issues.


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