Stakeholder engagement

Engaging with stakeholders (employees, investors, financiers, local communities, tenants and suppliers) is a critical part of our business strategy. We determine their needs and respond appropriately.

The board and executive team monitor and ensure that all communication to stakeholders is transparent, true and complies with JSE Listings Requirements, where relevant. Management's goal is to ensure that stakeholders have relevant information to accurately assess our performance and prospects. The board considers the legitimate interests and expectations of stakeholders in its decision making.


  • The company's reputation hinges on its relationship with its stakeholders. The process for identifying and considering the legitimate interests and expectations of stakeholders is reviewed at least once a year by the board
  • The board oversees the establishment of mechanisms and processes that support stakeholders as appropriate, in constructively engaging with the company
  • Stakeholders who could materially affect Hyprop's operations are identified, assessed and engaged with as part of the risk management process
  • The board has adopted guidelines that support a responsible communication programme
  • Complete, timely, relevant, accurate, honest and accessible information is provided to stakeholders, as appropriate, while considering legal and strategic issues
  • All holders of the same class of shares are treated equally
  • The board ensures that minority shareholders are protected. The integrated report discloses the nature of the company's dealings with stakeholders and the outcomes of these dealings
  • Ensure the safety and security of shoppers/tenants/employees, as far as possible. Operationally, this is the responsibility of each centre's management team and service providers
  • Engage with analysts, tenants, financiers, regulators and local communities on risks and possible mitigation
  • Engage with local communities to enhance corporate social investment
  • Steady improvement in broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) and employment equity
  • Ensure that a succession plan for senior management is in place.

Stakeholder analysis

      Ongoing focus areas   Engagement   Stakeholder expectations
  • Tenant mix improvement
  • Initiatives to enhance the shopping experience and attract shoppers
  • Changes in consumer spending
  • Increased competition
  • Rising operating and municipal costs
  • Mall cleanliness, security and maintenance
  • Tenant/landlord communication
  • Supply of electricity and water
  • On-site property teams
  • Print, web, social media, telephonic communication
  • Events
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Increased security presence and technology
  • Marketing projects and events to increase footfall
  • Timely and accurate electricity accounts
  • Remuneration policy
  • Company policy and code of ethics
  • Employee relationships
  • Skills retention
  • Succession planning
  • Career development and training
  • Employment equity
  • Quarterly employee newsletter
  • Email and telephonic communication
  • Induction, training and development
  • Employee events
  • Wellness days
  • Participation in Hyprop Foundation initiatives
  • HR engagement meetings
  • Fair remuneration
  • Non-discrimination
  • Safe working environment
  • Ethical leadership
  • Competent management
  • Competent employees
  • Social media
  • Tenant mix improvement
  • Ongoing improvements to the shopping experience
  • Mall cleanliness, maintenance
  • Role of security
  • Retail and entertainment offering
  • In-mall communication and signage
  • Mall website and social media pages
  • Varied tenant mix
  • Safe shopping environment
  • Social interaction
  • Convenient shopping
  • Unique experience
  • Free WiFi connectivity
  Investors and financiers  
  • Interest rates on funding
  • Competition from new developments close to our shopping centres
  • Changes in exchange rates
  • Distribution growth
  • Strategy execution
  • Portfolio growth
  • Capital appreciation
  • Accessibility of management
  • Timely information on key developments
  • Exposure to sub-Saharan Africa
  • Exposure to South-Eastern Europe
  • Corporate governance
  • Ethical leadership
  • Solvency and liquidity
  • Timely debt servicing
  • Portfolio value
  • Credit rating
  • Annual report
  • Investor presentations
  • Roadshows
  • One-on-one meetings
  • JSE SENS announcements
  • Media announcements
  • Website
  • Site visits
  • Email notifications
  • Transparent, accurate, meaningful, and timely communication
  • Fair business practices and lender processes
  • Sustainable partnerships
  • Lack of skills affecting their ability to deliver service
  • Tender for proposals
  • Efficient contract management
  • Fair negotiation
  • Fair tender process
  Government and regulators  
  • Employment equity
  • Environmental impact
  • Tax compliance
  • Adherence to JSE Listings Requirements
  • Company legislation
  • BBBEE scorecard
  • Employment equity reports
  • Tax return
  • Compliance with regulations and laws
  Local communities  
  • Socio-economic development
  • Environmental impact
  • Responsible corporate citizenship
  • Hyprop Foundation initiatives
  • Bursaries
  • Environmental initiatives
  • City improvement districts
  • Upliftment of communities around our shopping centres