Health and Safety

The group policy makes provision for creating a safe working environment and developing procedures to manage occupational incidents and compensation claims in compliance with the OHS.

In brief the policy is intended to:

  • Provide a health and safety programme which is effective, of a high standard, and subject to continuous review and improvement
  • Comply with the requirements of the relevant statutory provisions relating to health, safety, and environmental matters as these affect employees, customers, contractors and the public at large
  • Ensure that all employees are properly informed of their responsibilities with regard to health, safety and environmental matters and that they discharge them effectively
  • Encourage employees to participate in the prevention of accidents and the preservation of health
  • Provide the resources and training to achieve the stated objectives.

Each of our shopping centres is responsible for onsite execution of the policy, with direct responsibility falling to the respective Operations Managers. At group level the National Facilities Manager assumes responsibility in this regard through, amongst other ways, biannual audit reports following reports from each centre.

All centres conduct regular health and safety training for employees and third party suppliers.

Letter of Good Standing - Expiry date :2020-04-30 [PDF - 730KB]

Letter of Good Standing - Expiry date :2019-04-30 [PDF - 730KB]