Natural Capital

Given the nature of our business, Hyprop has a low environmental footprint. Despite this, reducing our environmental impact remains integral to our commitment to continuously improve our operations. The execution, reporting and review of our environmental policy are regularly monitored by the social and ethics committee.

After identifying the most relevant environmental impacts of our operations – specifically water, energy and waste – we introduced our green design and environmental strategy three years ago. Our approach is informed by best practice, proven methods, ease of implementation, and the benefit and cost of retrofitting green design to existing buildings. Identified opportunities include lower operating costs, reduced liability and risk of higher utility costs.

This strategy is dynamic and continually reviewed against best practice and new developments. We focus on practical implementation within the parameters of a cost/benefit analysis and feasibility of retrofitting green technologies.

As a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa, Hyprop supports the council’s vision and mission.

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