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Value creation

At Hyprop, we see value as more than financial returns. We strive to create value for stakeholders, be a good corporate citizen and operate our business sustainably. This is achieved by pursuing sustainable total returns, remaining relevant in the societies in which we operate, and being cognisant of our impact on the environment and its impact on our business.

Value creation is linked to our approach to good governance and ethical leadership. Management understands that the purpose of business is to increase profitability, provide sustainable total returns and create value. To achieve this, management considers current opportunities and strengths, and explores ways in which to mitigate risks and threats.

Good corporate governance as a lever for value creation

Ethical leadership

Align business strategy to corporate values, while considering our impact on the economy, society, stakeholders and the environment.

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Governance of the six capitals   Key to value creation   Value created:
How value is shared by investors and other stakeholders

Financial capital governance

Ensure that systems are in place that monitor and enhance income growth and capital appreciation


Manufactured capital governance

Ensure that manufactured capital generates capital appreciation and income growth


Intellectual capital governance

Intellectual property and corporate culture are critical to growth and to preserving, growing and retaining skills


Natural capital governance

Ensure that operations (including redevelopments) limit their impact on the environment


Human capital

Provide opportunities for our employees to apply their knowledge and skills in a stimulating environment


Social and relationship capital governance

Ensure that interactions with local stakeholders are meaningful and constructive

Investment excellence

Grow a specialised portfolio of high-quality, dominant shopping centres by pursuing appropriate yield-enhancing acquisitions

Active asset management

Maximise efficiencies, seek expansion and redevelopment opportunities (for existing shopping centres)

Effective debt management

Fix interest rates and increase average period of hedged debt book

Effective leasing management

Focus on contractual rental escalations and improving the tenant mix

Employee development

Targeting and achieving key skills retention, diversity and effective succession planning through proactive human resources management


Value is received through dividends and growth in the Hyprop share price


The quality of our malls and superior tenant mix attracts customers and creates business opportunities for tenants


Support of local supply chains provides local job opportunities


Development, rewards and long-term incentives to retain skilled and motivated employees


Communities benefit from numerous socio-economic projects coordinated through the Hyprop Foundation