Social Commitment

Corporate social investment (the Hyprop Foundation)

Corporate social investment (CSI) takes place at group level through the Hyprop Foundation to ensure we focus on addressing identified needs in communities around our properties, or those affected by our business operations.

The foundation’s long-term vision is to ignite a culture of sustainable projects for communities that support our business and to encourage our people and stakeholders to be involved.

In 2016, the Hyprop Foundation invested over R1,3 million in projects, primarily focused on education and community upliftment programmes.

View Hyprop Foundation Report [PDF - 5.52MB]

  Donation shares    

Projects may require immediate donations of cash and products. Every tin of food, book or blanket collected counts as a donation share. A percentage of theatre productions and holiday events at shopping centres are allocated to project funding

  Health shares    

Healthy living and activities are encouraged. Every kilometre walked, run or swum for a cause at specified events is rewarded with health shares

  Hour shares    

When a Hyprop employee participates in a project, each hour worked translates into a predetermined Rand value for the foundation

  Skills shares    

Individuals with specific skills donate their time to initiatives that enhance community upliftment and skills transfer

The funding value contributed by Hyprop to the foundation for each share generated by employees and stakeholders in 2016 was over R1,4 million. All initiatives undertaken by the foundation comply with its philosophy and code of good practice, and fall into the following prioritised categories:


Target 2017

spend 2017



Actual BEE
certification value


BEE certification value
Spend per priority element %   R   %   2016   2016   %   R   R  
Education 67   1 073 000   68   911 941   1 076 091   56,2   649 061   1 514 811  
Community upliftment 25   396 682   29   391 786   757 562   35,3   407 831   1 015 204  
Health and wellness 3   41 000   0,4   5 400   353 456   0,3   3 401   107 860  
Environmental upliftment 5   80 000   2   29 938   42 902   8,2   93 923   103 691  
Total     1 590 682       1 339 065   2 230 011       1 154 216   2 741 566  

The foundation revised its funding application during the year and considers the measurable impact before funding is allocated. Employee engagement is encouraged on every level where they can nominate projects and beneficiaries.

    Target               Actual           Actual    
    2017               2016           2015    
            Funding               BEE        
BEE   Hyprop       to be raised   BEE   Hyprop       certification   Hyprop    
certification   Foundation   Return   through   certification   Foundation   Return   value   Foundation   Return
value   budget   value   shares   value   actual spend   value   2014/2015   actual spend   value
R   R   %   R   R   R   %   R   R   %
2 661 623   1 590 682   167   1 600 000   2 230 011   1 339 065   167   2 741 566   1 154 216   238

Identifying beneficiaries

All potential beneficiary partners are screened by the Hyprop Foundation management committee and Hyprop remains involved in each initiative. The foundation management committee reviews all funding proposals, and the decision to proceed is based on the proposal’s alignment to Hyprop’s core business. The foundation faces a number of challenges given the overwhelming need for assistance in every community and resulting volume of applications. The aid requested often exceeds available funds, while rejecting applications that do not comply with the foundation’s requirements can prove difficult.

For more information about Hyprop initiatives please view the Foundation report online.



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