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Material focus areas

Key to value creation

  • Investment excellence: grow a specialised portfolio of high-quality, dominant retail property investments by pursuing appropriate yield-enhancing acquisitions in emerging markets
  • Active asset management: maximise efficiencies, seek expansion and redevelopment opportunities (for existing shopping centres)
  • Effective capital and debt management: fix interest rates and increase average period of hedged debt book Effective leasing management: focus on contractual rental escalations and improve
  • tenant mix
  • Employee development, key skills retention, diversity and succession planning: enhance productivity through training and pro-active focus on black economic empowerment and employment equity.


  • Low GDP growth
  • Slowing consumer spend affects trading densities and rent ratios
  • Volatility of exchange rate against USD and EUR
  • Possibility of sovereign credit rating downgrade
  • Increasing cost of occupancy for tenants due to increasing municipal services tariffs

*See full risk matrix in integrated annual report


  • Pursue appropriate yield-enhancing, quality acquisitions in emerging markets; specifically in  Eastern Europe, which benefits from a low interest rate environment
  • Use tenant failures to enhance the tenant mix in our malls
  • International retailers looking to expand locally (ie Starbucks and H&M)
  • To grow and nurture a specialised portfolio of quality retail property investments